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Leslie Marmon Silko

My Poem
Short Interpretation

Short Interpretation

this is just what i get out of this wonderful poem...your interpretation doesnt have to be the same...


   knowing that Leslie Marmon Silko was a native american writer, and loved to hear the stories that her people would tell when she was a little kid.  I believe that this poem is a story told by her people...that she put into a poem. 
   In the poem it talkes alot about turtles...I believe that it is told that the turtles had carried their people from China to the beginning of the poem it states *i traveled to the ocean distant from my southwest land of sandrock to the moving blue water.*...i believe that is the turtles journey to the ocean. they are born in the sand...then have a long journey to the the ocean.
   I think ethnocentrsm plays a roll...China believed that everything came from it...and that it was the center of the world at that time...birthing the the rain...helping the people.
   I believe when she is sqatting at the ocean...the ocean is like the mother...the turtles live in the ocean they are talking to their mother.  And when it is time to leave her...she gives them rocks, coral, tourquoise and round, so that they can carry back a piece of her, so she can always be with them...her children...the people. 


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